How much does the laptop repair cost ??

How much does the Laptop repair Cost ?? Question… Question… Question !!!!

One day, I was working on a laptop and suddenly its fall from my desk, and its body broke in to too, after thinking a lot, I came up with another question, Should I fix myself or should I hire an expert?

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I personally advice you to Hire a Professional laptop repair person, Because firstly you don’t have experience of repairing laptops or do you want to acquire that experience ? If you hire a professional,ย Laptop repairย cost you around 1500rs. But if you try to fix the issue, and you make a serious mistake, the final repair could cost you a lot more. Repairing a Laptop is more trickier than repairing a desktop computer.ย how much does laptop repair cost ?

Frankly Speaking, Service from small business run by people is better than looking for Authorize Service Center, as it will charge unnecessary things and it consume a lot of time. Ask friends, relative, Search on internet for Laptop Body Fabrication and the name of your town.

That small business will mostly buy the replacement body from online retailer Shantilaptop. You can contact on 8879192872 for the available models of the laptop as well as the service which they provide and at what price (Usually about 1500rs.), Its a good idea to have the information on your call, so that its save your time to visit the store.

You’ll really need Shantilaptop if you decide to do repair yourself. (Don’t try if possible)

Search on google for best laptop body fabrication, and you will get the best laptop repair cost of that on call.

If you can’t fix it go for second hand laptop, if you can’t afford a second-hand laptop.

Still Confuse for what to ask and how to ask? how much does laptop repair cost? Contact Here

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  1. suma

    Hello sir. I have a problem with my Acer laptop. The problem is, no battery backup, some of the keys in keypad are not working and one side of the joint( display and keyboard joining) broken. I want to know total repair cost for all the above problem.please let me know.

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srijith kumaren
srijith kumaren
17:48 26 Sep 18
Thanks to Shanti Laptop service and the excellent service provided by Mr. Kishore ji, a very much knowledgable and honest man. I would recommend this shop as the first point of contact for any laptop or desktop repair in Mumbai. The repair process here is transparent and time saving, because my laptop was checked on the spot at the first time of my visit itself and that too each and every components were examined in front of me and the issue was resolved in a single visit. When other laptop repair shops including the authorized Asus service centre said that the motherboard cannot be repaired upon and needs to be changed, Kishore ji patiently examined my laptop and repaired the issue without having the need for changing the motherboard and that too within an hour, thanks to his expertise. The price of the parts are also very much affordable here. Thank you Kishore ji for making my day great. Your work speaks volumes of the kind of man you are โ€“ efficient, organized and result-oriented.
Aniket Kulkarni
Aniket Kulkarni
07:25 22 Aug 18
Mr. Kishor rightly diagnoses the problem in small amount of time. He is genuine and helpful... hats off sir !! Would recommend my friends
Himanshu Gehlot
Himanshu Gehlot
06:26 08 Aug 18
This guy (Mr Kishore ) the owner is amazing person with adequate knowledge to get your Laptop/PC repaired. I had perfect experience while getting my laptop get repaired in minimal cost. 5* from my experience. I myself a Software Engineer, Strongly recommend Students/Professionals to visit this guy if you ever have any kind of problem with your devices. And i would like to thanks Mr Kishore(Owner) for Staying late till 11PM , Just to get my laptop get repaired on the same day. For him Customer Satisfaction Comes First. Why i am telling this, because he him self called me two times to ask about the working of my laptop. Who does that in today's world ???
16:41 02 Aug 18
Best ever place to repair your laptop ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ The owner is genuine and intelligent person. He is master of laptops yet down to earth person ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘โœŒโœŒ
Ankur Thamke
Ankur Thamke
09:38 14 Jul 18
Have any laptop issues just visit this small shop. Mr. Kishor is the owner, really great guy, helps you fully with issue and does all the work infront of you by offering you a cup of tea. Pricing is reasonable here for all your laptop issues considering market rate.
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