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5 tips to secure your Laptop

Security of Laptop is the common question. This Post can help you to get 5 tips to secure your laptop.

  • How to secure laptopLaptop Screen Guard
  • During transportation keypad keys scratches the laptop screen and if neglected for long time, leaves behind the widely seen scratches on LED
  • Thus, to avoid this, Laptop screen guard/screen protectors plays important role to secure your laptop screen

  • Use Laptop Cooling Padscooling pads
  • Vent in laptops plays important role of circulation of air and thus help laptop to cool down faster and perform better.
  • In most of the laptop, vent has designed at the bottom, So it’s obvious that if you keep laptop on bed or pillow, then ventilation of air stops and resulting in heating the laptop soon.
  • Hence usage of cooling pad/chill mat plays important role in reducing laptop operating temperature and help it cool down faster.

  • Unplug Laptop accessoriesUnplug Accesories
  • Every connected device eat up the power and leads to overheat the laptop
  • Hence whenever your laptop is not in use, don’t forget to unplug the non-useful accessories.
  • Secure your laptop with usable accessories only.

  • Shut Down/Turn Off Laptop laptop screen off
  • Hard-disk plays important role in reading your computer data. The jerky or quick moment leads to read the computer data in wrong direction.
  • This results in harming the hard disk.
  • So it is advisable that transport the laptop in turned off condition.


  • Use Branded Battery for Laptop branded laptop battery
  • Don’t be tempted to take cheap route for buying non-branded batteries just because they are easy to buy.Don’t forget that such battery can explode any time.
  • So using branded batteries can be expensive, but it assures you to meet quality & standards of your laptop unlike non-branded batteries.
  • Hence quality & safety is much more important & thus leads to improve the performance of your device.

    Above tips are useful to increase the life of your laptop, You can check out for more tips on How to Secure your laptop – Internally.


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