Kishor Jain  the proprietor of Shanti Laptop Service which repair all kinds of Laptop and we are Located in Lamington Road. Laptop Repair has became a passion. We work with Top Engineers in our company. We always rank top in Laptop Body Fabrication, Laptop Repair, Laptop Parts, Laptop Data Recovery. and we are in Mumbai. Since 2008 we are in to the laptop repair service industry and we are working hard to satisfy all the needs of Customer

 Our GoalsShanti Laptop Service Logo

We Build Trust, Build Laptop, Build Qualtiy, Build Best Service and Build Satisfaction

 We had Repair more than 10000+ laptop in our career and our goals is to satisfy the customer and we try to make it with the use of best equipment and accessories.

Return Client with the same laptop repair, leads to disappointment for us. So we make the best laptop repair so that client should be happy with the service, Although we also provide Warranty Period @ Free of Cost ( For Certain period )

The infrastructure

The repair Centre and Maintenance section is equipped to handle all types of hardware and Software problems related to all kind of laptops

Significant investments have been made in our physical and technical infrastructure and is continuously enhanced and upgraded to meet the growing needs of our business.

Quality is the foremost objective of our services.

The Expertise

Over the years, we have developed a core team of qualified professionals to handle various activities and provide services. This team is dedicated exclusively for on/off field maintenance and Service Activities.

Our expertise is in the following areas:

We can service/repair and can maintain any brand of Laptops and PCs. We have a full-fledged repair center where all the infrastructure and equipments to carry out such repairs have been installed.

The range of Systems we can Service/Repair:

All brands of Laptops with various configuration.

The Platforms on which we provide service includes

Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7
Windows 2000 / 2003 / 2008 Server