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Acer Laptop Repair Mumbai

Acer Laptop Repair & Service Mumbai

Acer Laptop Repair Mumbai and other brands. We committed to give best laptop repair service for Acer Laptop in Mumbai at an affordable Price. We seek to build long-term relationships with our valuable customers. No hidden Quotes, No Cheating. Just a call away from Computer Store. We provide all kinds of services and repairs for all the Models of Acer Laptop.

Acer Laptop Servicing Cost Only 500Rs. Call +919820625520/02249207713

Acer Laptop Repair Servicing also Contains

  • Laptop Cleaning
  • Laptop Touch Malfunction
  • Anti Virus Check
  • Cleaning Of Motherboard and Fans
  • Integrating Cooling Paste
  • Cleaning Laptop and Motherboard
  • Drivers update & So On….

100% Genuine Acer Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai

After Diagnosing Issue of the laptop, Estimation of repair can be given. Below are the general issues with most users face are as follows :-

  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Motherboard Chip Level Repair
  • Laptop Screen Replacment
  • Data Recovery
  • Optical Drive Replacement
  • Hard Drive & Ram Replacement
  • Display Cable Replacement
  • Laptop Hinges Replacement
  • LCD Screen Backlight Repair
  • Laptop Inverter Replacement
  • Battery & Adapter Replacement
  • Password Removal
  • Laptop Body Fabrication
  • Software Installation

Acer Laptop Service in Mumbai Includes:


  • Laptop Diagnostic Testing.
  • Replacement Part Installation.
  • Upgrade Part Installation.
  • Repair/Upgrade Estimate.
  • Clean Interior & Fans
  • Clean Exterior
  • Driver Update
  • Data Recovery (Fee Applies)
  • Acer Laptop Repair Mumbai
  • Laptop Ram Repair
  • Laptop Touch Repair

We do repair below Acer Laptop Models:

Acer Aspire One-D257, Acer D250, Aspire 5830, Aspire M5, Aspire 5738z, Aspire 4720z, Aspire V5, Aspire 5742, Aspire 5755g, Aspire V3-772g, Aspire 4736z, Aspire E1-520, Acer Aspire 5742g, Aspire 3762, Aspire 5750g, Aspire E1-531, Aspire E1-471, Acer 4750, Acer Travelmate 4740, Acer 4753, Acer 5741, Acer 5733, Acer 5736, Acer 5740, Aspire v5-573, Acer 4620, Acer 5570, Acer 4741, Acer 4150, Acer E5-571, Acer 4738z, Acer 5745G, Acer 8372, Acer 4710, Acer 4315, Acer 4715, Acer 4630, Acer 4335, Acer 4620, Acer 4220, Acer 4930, Acer e1-431, Acer 5610, Acer e1-530, Acer e1-570, Acer v5-171, Aspire One 756, Acer v5-53, Acer v5-471p, Acer v3-471, Aspire One D260, Aspire One D270, Aspire One 722, Acer 9300, Acer 4820T, Acer 4810T, Acer 5830T, Acer 5810T, Acer 5220, Acer 5620, Acer 5730, Acer 5630, Acer 5100, Acer EMACHINE E725, EMACHINE D520, EMACHINE D525 D725, Acer 5738, Acer MINI 751 722, MINI 725/S3, MINI E3-111, Acer E M2000, Acer 240, Acer 2200, Acer 2300, Acer 4736, Acer 3810T, Acer 3810T, Acer 1400, Acer 1600, Acer 290, Acer D255, Acer D270, Acer 532H, Acer D260, Acer 7720, ASPIRE ONE/ZG5, Acer M5-481, Acer E1-431, Acer E5-573, Acer E1-531, Acer E1-571, Acer V5-431, Acer V5-571, Acer 5950G, Acer 3100, Acer 5100, Acer 2920, Acer 6292, Acer E1-510, Acer V5-571, Acer V5-471, Acer 5920, Acer 4730z, Acer 4520, Acer 4310, Acer Extensa Series.

Acer Laptop Repair Services are as follows:

Acer laptop repair center in Lamington Road, provide Keyboard Replacement, Motherboard repair & Chip Level Repairing

Acer Laptop LCD/LED Screen Repair and replacement

Are you looking for Acer Laptop Repair Service Centre ? then this is the best place to repair your Acer Laptop. Is your Acer Laptop Screen Cracked/Damaged ? Repair your Acer Laptop Screen Immediately. Our expert team can cost-effectively find you a cost effective replacement, including installation. We also Provide free Acer Laptop Repair Check-up. Get the best Acer Laptop Repair Services in Lamington Road, Mumbai at the minimum cost and high Quality product.

Acer Laptop Keyboard Repair and replacement

Spill liquid on your Acer laptop keyboard, our Acer Laptop repair experts can remove the defective Acer laptop keyboard and replace it with a new high quality Acer Laptop Keyboard. We Fix Acer Laptop Keyboards which are not in working conditions. Replacement of Acer Laptop Keyboard is the best solution as it don’t cost much and we get warranty of new Acer Laptop Keyboard as well. Sometime Acer Laptop keys get missplaced, Don’t worry we can fix it. Acer Laptop Keys are delicate to use so be careful while using it. We also provide Door to Door Acer Laptop Repair Services at great cost.

Acer Laptop Hard Drive Repair

You have an Acer laptop hard disk failure that requires immediate attention? Our Acer Laptop Technicians will take care of it and repair your hard drive. Also we will backup your data  from the defective hard drive. Get your Acer Laptop Repair done without losing any of your data.

Acer Laptop Optical Drive Repair

Do you have a broken or non-working Optical device in your Acer Laptop ? do you just want to add a DVD / CD-RW Combo Drive to your Acer Laptop ? Blueray drive to your Acer laptop ? We have the answer! Shanti laptop Repair provides Acer Laptop Repairs and Replacements for all Acer Laptop models.

Acer Laptop RAM Memory Repair

RAM can be replace from your Acer laptop if you want to make extra space in your primary memory for good speed of your laptop or your installed RAM is corrupt or failed. Shanti Laptop offers the wide range of RAM replacement with a very reasonable prize for your Acer Laptop. We offer the expandable RAM facilities also, you can customize your primary memory according to your need.

Acer Laptop Chip Level Motherboard Repairing or Replacement

Motherboard Repair is often an superior choice to replacement. Our Acer Motherboard Repair Engineers conduct board level repairs and replacement of defective parts on all Acer laptops. Laptop Charging point / dc jack repair or replacement, motherboard not turning on, laptop on but no display, laptop not powering on, motherboard beeping, motherboard heating problem, motherboard burnt due to water or liquid spill, motherboard usb Ethernet LAN port repair or replacement, motherboard video card chip repair, BGA repair.

Acer Laptop DC Power Jack Repair

Are you having an Acer laptop with a burned or broken power plug on ? Our Acer Laptop Repair service engineers will provide a quick cost effective Acer Laptop DC Power Jack Repair Service on all Acer Laptop models.

Acer Laptop Charger / Adapter Replacement

Laptop Adapter plugged in but not charging, adapter burning smell, adapter stopped working, adapter indicator light blinking continuously, adapter working but not charging properly, ac adapter heating. Original Genuine A C Adapter available at very affordable price. 

Acer Laptop CPU cooling FAN Replacement

Laptop hang issue or automatic shut down, internal dust cleaning or cpu fan replacement, fan making noise, fan not working at all, fan making buzzing sound, fan blowing hot air, fan error on startup.

More Acer Laptop Repair service like:

Hard disk or disk drive issues, hard disk failure, hard disk error, hard disk is not detecting, hard disk is making clicking noise, hard disk crashed, RAM / Memory Upgradation, OS Reinstall or Formatting, Driver Installation, Microsoft Office Installation.

We also Deal with 100% Original and Genuine Products Like :

Laptop Keyboards, Laptop Adapter Original, Laptop Adapter Compatible, Laptop Battery Original, Laptop Battery Compatible, Laptop LCD & LED Screen, Laptop Hinges, Laptop DVD/RW, Laptop Front Bazel, Laptop Rear Case, Laptop Bottom Case, Laptop Upper Case, Laptop CPU Fan with or without Heatsink, Original Microsoft Products, Original Anti-Virus Softwares,  Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Printer Repair, LCD & CRT Monitor Repair, Laptop Spares, Desktop Peripherals, Laptop LCD Inverters, Laptop LCD Back Cover .

We Repair all kinds of Laptop Models and ALL brands

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