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Apple Laptop Repair

apple laptop repairing

Introduction to Apple Laptops

Every other person wants an Apple laptop. Simply, because Apple Laptops are the best. Reportedly, Apple launched its first three laptops, named PowerBook, in 1991. Apple laptops, formally known as MacBook. In fact, the MacBook is a notebook computer. And is designed and marketed by Apple. Undoubtedly, the MacBook has an OS operating system by Apple Inc.
The name ‘Mac’ is based on a kind of apple called McIntosh. The hype of the MacBook is not baseless. MacBook or Apple computers are based on advanced technology, easy user interface, privacy forward and more built-in security. Even complicated tasks can be done easily with a MacBook. High-quality and durability are the base of Apple computers. Another reason for MacBook popularity is that they offer industry-leading software as well as hardware. Not only that, they also keep updating its OS system to make it reliable and less prone to virus attacks. By that, Apple laptops are considered as the best laptop brand. 
The idea behind Apple is to empower everyone. Although, the cost and even resale value is quite high. But, Apple Laptops last a few years longer than others. One just needs to take a little care of it. However, a few disadvantages like limited storage, poor gaming, overpricing, etc. are also there. 
And lastly, the answer to the ‘universal’ question – Why is Apple called Apple? Simply because, the Apple founder, Steve Jobs liked the Apple fruit. And he suggested the name ‘Apple’ after visiting an apple orchard.

1.Common Issues with Apple Laptops

Although, Apple laptops or MacBook are highly secure and advanced. But, there are some issues with these advanced laptops too. Such as: 

  • Black or blue screen display when turning on 
  • Frozen screen 
  • Flickering screen 
  • Glitches in software 
  • Poor response towards external devices 
  • Poor facetime camera quality 
  • Quick battery drainage
  • Kernel Panics 
  • macOS issues
  • Hard drive errors etc.


Other common issues like Accidental data loss etc. can also affect MacBook.

2.How to Diagnose a Faulty Apple Laptop

To run Apple diagnostics, follow the steps below: 

  • Step-1: Shut down your MacBook.

  • Step-2: Disconnect all the external devices, except internet connection.
  • Step-3: Don’t place your laptop on your lap. Place it on a table like surface.

  • Step-4: Turn your MacBook on.

  • Step-5: Press and hold the power button of your MacBook, until it starts up.

  • Step-6: After opening the start-up option windows, release the power button.

  • Step-7: Search for gear icon labeled option

  • Step-8: Press command-D on your keyboard

After that, Apple diagnostic begins to check the MacBook. Until the progress completes, a progress bar shows the progress of the diagnosis. After the process gets completed, Apple diagnostics shows the result including two or more reference codes. To get additional information, click on ‘Get started’ or press command-G.

3.Tips for Maintaining and Extending the Life of Your Apple Laptop

For this, a proper cleaning routine is important. Take proper care and it will last longer. To clean your Apple computer, shut down the computer and unplug the power adapter. Wipe the exteriors of your MacBook with soft lint-free cloth. Don’t spray water or any liquid sprays directly on the device. Avoid any kind of moisture.

For hard to remove stains, use lightly moistened cloth with 70% with Isopropyl alcohol. Gently clean the display and exteriors, but don’t let the moisture get into the internal parts of your Mac. 

Here are some tips to maintain Apple laptop: 

  • Use only soft lint-free cloth. Avoid any other kind of wipers. 
  • Avoid any kind of liquid sprays. 
  • Don’t let moisture enter the Mac through any openings. 
  • For internal maintenance: 
  • Keep the software and OS system updated. 
  • Cover your MacBook with microfiber cloth, if not in use 
  • Use protective cases 
  • Don’t let your Mac overheating
If taken care of properly, Apple laptops can last for 8-10 years. Timely updates, backups etc. will keep worries away.

4.When to Replace Your Apple Laptop

Doesn’t matter how advanced your laptop is, after a few years, it gets slow to process. Although there are ways to repair minor issues, but Apple laptops with major issues can’t be repaired. Its original components are hard to get for replacement. Problems like major hardware damage, frequent software issues, storage issues, etc. could be the signal that one needs to replace the MacBook. Moreover, if you can’t update the latest OS version, or are unable to meet your needs with your current Apple laptop. Then, Apple laptop repair is hard, and one should get the new one.

5.What is the cost of Apple laptop repair?

The cost of Apple laptops repair depends on its issue. Which part or component is faulty, will influence the repair cost. Apart from the issue, if any component like laptop keyboard replacement is needed. Then, the replacement cost will also become an add-on in the bill. 
But, professional and reliable service providers always charge reasonable prices. The best laptop repair shop is Shanti Laptops. Their charges are reasonable and affordable too. From 500 INR for laptop software repair to 2000 INR for laptop motherboard repair. Each repair service cost is lower than other service providers.
apple laptop repair

6.Why Choose Us?

Shanti Laptops are the best place to get any kind of laptop repairing services. As their professional staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable. With 10+ years experience in this field, they offer free consultation.

That means, even before one becomes their customer, they are ready to resolve the issue, that too, free of cost.

 And the best thing is, Shanti Laptops offer a warranty period too. One can get free repairing service if their laptop encounters some issue within the warranty period. Best services, friendly staff, affordable repairing cost, free consultation, and warranty period. What else can one ask for?


Apple laptops are considered as the best laptops present in the market. But, once get damaged. It’s hard to get repaired. That’s why, despite trying to repair it yourself, ask for professionals. Best laptop repair service providers, like Shanti Laptops, can do the required job. That too, at affordable prices. One can get laptop screen repair at just 3500 INR. Or hardware troubleshooting at 1800 INR. From laptop battery repair at 1200 INR to laptop motherboard repair at 2000 INR. You can get any laptop service here. Shanti Laptops are all-rounders of the laptop repairing field. For free consultation, call +91-9820635520 or visit Shantilaptop.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It depends on the repairs needed. Shanti Laptops professionals try their best to provide the best services as fast as possible.

Not really. Shanti Laptops never charge extra for Apple laptops. They only charge for the repairing services, accordingly.

No. Apple laptops should be repaired by professionals only. Because the MacBook is not only hard to repair, but also can’t take pressure. Thus, they are prone to get damaged if not taken care of.

Shanti laptops offer Apple laptop chip level repairing at 1800 INR onwards.