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Best Laptop Repair Shop Near Me

Best Laptop Repair Shop Near Me

Introduction to Laptop Repair Shops

Laptops are a critical part of everyone’s life. As one is capable of doing many tasks within seconds through this device. The more advanced your laptop is, the more care it needs. With proper care, one can increase the lifespan of their laptop. But, laptop parts are fragile and are prone to get damaged. Damaged laptops should not be treated on their own. As it can damage other laptop parts too. 
To get laptop repair, one should go to laptop repair shops. Not every repair shop provides the best services. Therefore, only those repair shops which have experienced professional technicians should be considered.

1.How to Find the Best Laptop Repair Shop Near You

Just search for ‘Best laptop repair shop near me’ and several laptop repair shops will be on display. Select a few most experienced ones with better reviews and ratings. And hop to the best laptop repair shop.

2.Tips for Evaluating Laptop Repair Shops

Before hopping there, one needs to evaluate the selected laptop repair shops. Here are some tips to evaluate and select the best laptop repair shop:

  • Repair shops with around a decade of experience should be preferred. 
  • They should have highly skilled and experienced professional technicians. 
  • Affordable prices
  • Best and fast services
  • Best-quality components 
  • Assured warranty period 
  • Good reviews
  • 4 or above Google ratings
  • After-service support

If any nearby repair shop meets all these points, then do give a visit.

3.Common Laptop Repairs and Their Prices

Laptops are fragile devices, which are prone to get damaged. Thus, it needs proper care and maintenance. Still, if damaged, repair is needed. Here are some price values to provide a rough idea of prices one can expect for various repair work.

Laptop Issues

Laptop Repair Cost

Laptop Screen Repairing Cost

Rs. 3500

Laptop Body Repair/Replacement Cost

Rs. 1500

Laptop Format & Software Repair Cost

Rs. 500

Fan Repair/Replacement Cost

Rs. 800

Laptop Hardisk repair/replacement Cost

Rs. 1200

Laptop Hardware Troubleshooting Cost

Rs. 1800

Laptop Fabrication and Hinges Cost

Rs. 1200

Laptop Battery Repair/Replacement Cost

Rs. 1200

Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

Rs. 800

Laptop Adapter Repair/Replacement Cost

Rs. 1200

Laptop Service Charges / Laptop Cleaning Charges Cost

Rs. 500

Laptop Charging Port Repair/ DC Jack Repair Cost

Rs. 1200

Laptop Hinges Repair Cost

Rs. 1200

Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost

Rs. 2000

The above-mentioned price range is just for a rough idea and may vary. As the cost of laptop repair broadly depends on many factors like laptop brand, city, how serious the damage is, etc.

4.How to Prepare Your Laptop for Repair

Here are some things to do before submitting the laptop to the repair shop. To ensure privacy, security, and to avoid any unauthorized access to your device. 

  • Detach all the removable accessories, like hard disk, SDD, etc. 
  • Take full backups of all your stored data 
  • Carefully log out of all critical apps like bank apps, etc. 
  • Remove all private data or encrypt it 
  • Log out of all social media platforms 
  • Remove saved passwords and accounts, etc.

Another thing to keep in mind is, one should always check the authenticity of laptop repair service shops, before handing over the laptop.

5.How to Choose the Right Laptop Repair Shop

There are many aspects to consider when picking the right laptop repair shop. Such as, experience, qualified technicians, best and quick services, affordable prices, the best components, good reviews, etc. But, more than that, laptop repair shops should be authorized. A right laptop repair shop should have all these qualities. To save time, one can go to the Shanti Laptops repair shop, as it’s the best one.

6.What is the average cost for laptop repair at the best shop near me?

The average estimated costs for laptop repair are mentioned in the above table. Although, the repair costs are quite high. The best laptop repair shop near me should offer reasonable costs like Shanti Laptops.

The above-mentioned prices may vary, based on the laptop brand, damaged components, etc. Apart from these, Shanti Laptops offer many other laptop repair services. Get Shanti Laptops services once, and you will know why they are the best repair service providers.

7.Why Choose Us?

Well, there are endless reasons to opt for Shanti Laptops. Firstly, they are authorized service providers with 10+ years experience. Their professional technicians are highly skilled to repair any kind of damage. Not only that, they use high-quality components for laptops if required. Secondly, they offer premium services at affordable prices. Warranty period is also provided by them. Moreover, the consultation is free of cost here. All these reasons are enough to consider Shanti Laptops as the best service providers.


Doesn’t matter how many hours one spent searching for ‘best laptop repair shop near me.’ It’s hard to find the best one. Here comes Shanti Laptops to rescue. Shanti Laptops are the best laptop repair shop in Mumbai. They offer the best services at affordable prices. With additional warranty period. Even before that, consultation is free.

To get the free consultation, call on +91-9820625520 or visit Shantilaptop.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Shanti Laptops is the best online laptop repair shop.

Before sending the laptop to a repair shop, one should take backups of all required data. Encrypt the personal files, logout from every account, including social media. And remove all the detachable accessories like hard drives, etc.

The most affordable cost of laptop battery repair at Shanti Laptops is 1200.

Shanti Laptops provide all kinds of laptop repairing services including laptop battery repair, laptop keyboard replacement, apple laptop repair, laptop chip level repairing, laptop screen repair, and many more.