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How To Increase Macbook Pro Battery To Last For Whole Day

Need to know, how to increase macbook pro battery life ??

Macbook Pro models may or may not get proper Apple’s 10-hour benchmark, but with the help of these tips & tricks you can improve the odds, you never know it maybe even do laptop repair in mumbai

Was very exited for buying an Macbook Pro as its features and battery life is vei beyond expectations. But After buying a 15-inch MacBook Pro with initially disappointing battery life it just didn’t match my expectation, So I became one of the skeptics. But as I like to search for the cause of the issue, I started running tests and I’ve extended my useful battery life dramatically. As i Process with the test, My one day’s test, mostly using a browser with a dim screen, I made it beyond 12 hours.

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Unfortunately Apple’s 10-hour benchmarks for surfing the web over a wireless network connection and for watching iTunes video use relatively little power. The more you use your graphical part like Downloading High Images, playing games watching HD Video, apparently will low your 10 hour battery life.

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Dim Screen

At the same time, Brighter the screen use high voltage and use extra battery life. Since 2016 Model Screen is better than 2015 Model. 2016 Macbook Pro screen used 30% Lesser battery than an 2105 Model. But tough if we can control the screen brightness at dim screen we get an good results. Atleast 20% hike in overall battery life

USB Devices

Anything which is been attached to the Macbook Pro it awakes the computer communication system. Plugging USB wake up the system and it consume the battery to run the USB drive if not attached that it can snooze in a low-power state. Even external drives with their own power supplies wake up the system.

Safari – Web Browser

Rivals are working to improve their efficiency, but Apple’s browser often does better on battery life. Part of the reason: It won’t let the MacBook Pro use its high-performance but power-hungry AMD graphics processor. The built-in Intel GPU isn’t as powerful, so sites like Google Maps may not be as smooth, but it uses a lot less energy.

Quit apps and close browser tabs if you’re not using them

Some of the apps & tabs get unknowingly running in background which consume power. It’s even more a problem if — like Adobe Acrobat, Lightroom and Photoshop, or like Google Maps in Chrome — they demand the Mac’s high-performance graphics chip. But if you force-close the background app which are not usefull with the task manager. Also, close the tabs which are running on chrome or any other browser.

Unplug dongles

The MacBook Pro’s new USB-C ports are great if you have the right cables and peripherals, but until then you might need dongles that need a chip to convert video data to HDMI or let you plug an older Thunderbolt 2 device into the Mac’s Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Watch video in full-screen mode and turn off closed captioning

That can extend your battery life by 45 to 60 minutes.

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