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Laptop Chip Level Repairing

Laptop Chip Level Repairing

Introduction to Laptop Chips

Laptop chips are a small semiconductor piece, usually silicon, on which circuits are embedded. Laptop chips, or chipset, is the electronics of the motherboard that lets the laptop communicate with other components. Chips manage the traffic of signals of both sides, laptop and connected components, like CPU, RAM, storage etc. That means, for proper functioning of the laptop, each component must respond to the chipset. If they couldn’t, components will not be able to receive or send information to communicate to the motherboard.
Earlier, each of the components had their separate chips. Later, two chipsets, named faster Northbridge and slower Southbridge, came into action. But now, it has become centralized. Those components which need their separate way to communicate with the motherboard own small chipsets. A laptop contains crores of chips, mostly embedded.


1.Common Symptoms of a Failing Laptop Chip

Laptops consist of many chips. But, each chip shows similar symptoms of damage. The common symptoms of a failing laptop chip are as follows:
  • Blank display
  • Blue screen of death (BSOD) 
  • Failed expansion slots 
  • Damaged memory module 
  • Error code display 
  • Improper installed components, like RAM
  • Multiple system reboots 
  • Frequent power issues
  • Automatic system turn off
  • Locked system 
  • General wear 
  • Short circuit 
  • Beep alerts etc.

Apart from that, electrical spikes, overheating, physical damage, manufacturing defects, could be the reason for the failed laptop chip as well.

2.How to Diagnose a Faulty Laptop Chip

There are many kinds of tests one can perform to diagnose a faulty laptop chip.

  • Step-1: Firstly, observe the chip. Whether it’s broken, burnt or corrosion, etc.

    Then, one can go with the finger test. In this, connect and apply the voltage to the IC or chip. And hold it with your finger for about 10-12 seconds. If you aren’t able to hold it more than that, then your IC could be in good condition. And if it gets heated up extremely faster than usual, then it could be damaged.

    If one feel the chip is damaged, then perform the test below to get sure.

  • Step-2: Measure the resistance value of your chip through a multimeter.

  • Step-3: Compare it with a normal working chip.

If the difference between both the resistance value is high. It indicates that the chip is damaged.  
And lastly, if nothing, one can take the help of test fixture software. Such software tests and determines the chip fault location.

3.Tips for Maintaining and Extending the Life of Your Laptop Chips

Laptop Chips are the critical part of any hardware, including laptops. By maintaining the chip properly, one can extend the life of their chip as well as hardware.

Here are some ways to maintain your laptop chips:

  • Don’t let your laptop overheat.
  • Keep the chip away from moisture and dirt particles.
  • Don’t let the voltage supply fluctuate too often. It can damage the chips and laptop.
  • Use surge protectors to maintain quality power supply.
  • Use compatible components only.
  • Keep away the moisture.
  • Clean your motherboard and CPU regularly.
  • Clean the ventilation outlets timely.
  • Cover your laptop with microfiber cloth, when not in use. To keep away the dust particles.
  • Handle with care.

With proper maintenance, one can increase the life of their laptop and its chip too.

4.When to Replace Your Laptop Chips

If your laptop is new or in a good condition, then despite buying a new laptop, one can change the faulty chip component. Suppose if your motherboard chip is damaged, then buying a motherboard is enough. It will be more budget-friendly, too.

Here are some conditions indicating to change your laptop chips: 

  • After physical damage like spilled water etc. to that component
  • For better graphics 
  • Faster Operations and response 
  • Need more RAM

Another thing is, if your motherboard is soldered inside your laptop. Then, the motherboard replacement cost will be more than the value of the laptop. Thus, laptop replacement would be better.

 5.How to Replace Laptop Chips

Unfortunately, laptop chip replacement is impossible, generally. Because chipsets are in-built or soldered inside the components like CPU, motherboard, etc. Therefore, only those laptop chips can be replaced which are not in-built. That too, by experienced professional technicians only.

6.Laptop Chip Repair: Is it Worth It?

Procedures like laptop battery repair, laptop chip level repairing, etc. should not be done by own. Especially if one is not specialized in a technical job. As it can damage other parts of your laptop too. Instead, search for the best laptop repair shop near me’, online. And get the job done by professionals.

7.Professional Laptop Chip Repair Services

Although, laptop chip level repairing is quite difficult. But, laptop professionals may do the job. One can engage with many experienced and qualified technicians at Shanti Laptops. They can repair any possible laptop damage. From Laptop screen repair to laptop keyboard replacement. One can get any kind of repairing services at affordable prices.


Laptop chip level repairing isn’t generally possible. Mostly, one needs to buy a new component for that. But, before that, consulting a professional for laptop chip level repairing is a must. Only professional technicians like Shanti Laptops professionals can handle such critical cases. Even they provide laptop chip level repairing at only 1800 INR onwards. They not only provide free consultation but also warranty after service. That means, if one encounters any laptop issue within the warranty period, they will get the best services for free. From small chips to Apple laptop repair, they can repair it all. Their 4.5-star Google ratings witness their 10+ years hard work and experience.

To get their services and free consultation, call +91-9820625520 or visit Shantilaptop.com.


Frequently Asked Questions:

The technique of repairing or replacing SMD components is known as laptop chip level repairing.

Chipsets make integrated circuits which are responsible for communication between all parts and components of the laptop. Like CPU, motherboard, storage etc.

Not really. Most of the laptops have in-built chipsets. That’s why it cannot be replaceable.

Prominently, there are two kinds of chipsets in laptops, called Northbridge and Southbridge.

The most affordable cost of laptop chip level repairing by Shanti Laptops is 1800 INR onwards.