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Laptop Keyboard Repair

Hitting is the keystrokes are our day to day job on the laptop but What if the keyboard is dysfunctional? All of your work comes to hold and that would be a loss.

Usually the problems our customers get to us are the missing keys and broken keyboards. The laptop keyboard repair is one of the common issues we get every other day.

The keyboard dysfunction is normal when you are a gamer or an employee or business person who spends most of his/her day on laptop. We understand how important your laptop is so we deliver it on time and as soon as possible.

You would obviously not replace your laptop because of keyboard dysfunction. We provide quality service in laptop repairing. Laptop keyboard repair is done professionally and by experienced employees at our office.

We have solved issues such as –

  • Broken keyboard
  • Missing keys
  • Stuck keys
  • Sticky keys
  • Unable to use keyboard for input
  • Wrong keystrokes

There are much more problems related to the keyboard working.

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Brands we have our hands on:

  • Hp Laptop
  • Apple MacBook
  • Lenovo Laptop
  • Samsung Laptop
  • Sony Vaio Laptop
  • Fujitsu laptop
  • IBM Laptop
  • Acer Laptop
  • Micromax Laptop
  • Asus Laptop
  • Dell laptop
  • Compaq Laptop

Being in the market for quite a long time our expert say that keyboards should often be checked when they start misbehaving. Being attached to the laptop base it holds debris, dust and food at the slightly open areas which is not a good sign. The keyboards often misbehave printing wrong keystroke or sometimes not print the key. In such case the hardware used such as red cherry mx, Romer g tactical switches or other key hardware must be replaced. We have missing keys readily available and at times we also repair such minor issues on spot as customer requirements.

Our expert works on all kind of keyboards let it be membrane or mechanical. Your laptop will be completely working with better keyboard support.