Laptop Motherboard Repair

Laptop Motherboard RepairLaptop Motherboard repair

Laptop motherboard repair is the basic issues in a laptop. But how to deal with it? A motherboard failure on a laptop that is out of warranty would usually mean that… it’s time for a new laptop. The price of a new motherboard is usually higher than the current value of the laptop.

How to diagnose laptop motherboard issues?

Only an expert can diagnose laptop motherboard issue, but to identify the common issues which cause by laptop motherboard dysfunction are as follows:

  1. If your laptop starts, but don’t show the display it is caused by motherboard dysfunction
  2. Laptop adapter Plug-In and no power is accepted by laptop – Motherboard issue
  3. Laptop Shows display only on external screen – Motherboard issue
  4. Laptop Stop Booting or Over Heat while Starting – Motherboard Issue

There is lot more issue which you can come across. It’s better not to try and test to find the laptop issues, for a user who doesn’t know laptop repairing can put the laptop under more issues.

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Troubleshooting motherboard issues:

Look for the “lid closed” switch and try pushing it a few times. It’s usually a small switch near the hinges that is pressed when the lid(the screen) is closed. Sometimes these switches get stuck in the “lid closed” position that results in black screen(no backlight) or non-starting laptop. Also, some laptops have a magnetic switch (newer Dell’s and most Apple’s), that doesn’t get stuck.

Test the laptop with another power adaptor. Although not common, the adaptor can fail and not supply the needed voltage even if it has a green “power on” light that lights up when you plug it in. Even if you measure the output voltage and it’s OK, the adaptor may have failed and wouldn’t supply that voltage under load (typically 3.5A to 6A). You can use a universal adaptor or go to an independent repair shop and ask them to check it (some shops will try to charge you for “estimate” for doing just that, so ask in advance).

Reset the RAM. See the article on RAM failures for instructions.

Remove the hard drive and the CD/DVD if it’s easily removable.

Finally, try to start the laptop again with only the power adaptor plugged in and with the RAM reset and all removable components and the battery out. If there’s still nothing on the screen, you will need to bring it to a repair shop.