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Laptop Motherboard Repair

The breaking of “Laptop motherboard functionality” is one of the most basic issues the users face.

Imagine you are about to work and the screen goes off or your laptop doesn’t switch on, then you must try to realise your problem before taking actions.  As you are having no knowledge about the issue, you may add up a heap of other problems.

Let us try and understand your laptop motherboard problem first.

The issues of motherboard failures are –

Your laptop is switched on but the screen is not working or the screen is blank.

This issue occurs when the memory tables are altered or modified. The problem can be very chaotic at the start and you may restart your laptop a couple of times. If it doesn’t work then you are welcomed to our store for reliable and best solution.

Laptop is plugged in to the electric board but it is not charging.

Check if you are using a genuine or working adapter. At times the green LED’s are on and it shows charging but it doesn’t really charge. Such type of problem is related to battery, adapter and also to the motherboard. The motherboard might’ve bricked its charging mechanism and must been in requirement of repair or replacement.

Laptop shows display only on the external monitor.

The issue is concerned with corrupted video ports and programs on the motherboard. Also this issue is caused by improper adjusting of hinges. The hinges are those parts which support the LCD/LED of your laptop with the edge motherboard.  Try adjusting them properly or get the hinges replaced. At some cases, you might’ve to get your laptop motherboard tested professionals.

Laptop stops booting or gets overheated.

If you are unable to enter the boot mode then you must have broke the MBR in the memory. Checking MBR or Master boot record is one of the important booting processes while turning the system on. If your motherboard fails to acquire this process then your system will not enter into the boot mode.

There are a lot of issues related to motherboard and only few are listed above. So, should you get the motherboard of your laptop replaced or get it repaired?

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