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Best Laptop Repair Shop in Mumbai

A laptop repair shop helps you in repairing your laptop keyboard, laptop battery, laptop adapter & laptop motherboard with complete solutions. If your laptop is not working properly and finds some strange issue on your laptop you should visit the nearby laptop repair shop.

Why we are the best laptop repair shop in Mumbai, Grant Road because we have fixed more than 10,000 laptops model. You can check our customer review on the google business page.

Talk to our Laptop Repair Expert: +919820625520

What kind of laptop repair solution we offer:

1. Laptop Keyboard Repair

2. Laptop Battery Repair

3. Laptop Adapter Repair

4. Laptop Motherboard Repair

5. Laptop Screen Repair

6. Laptop Body Fabrication

7. Laptop Services & Repair

Above are the services which are offered by Shanti Laptop Service. If you are facing any issue from the above-given laptop problems, then you should consult a laptop repair shop i.e. Shanti Laptop Service or call or Expert on +919820625520.

Looking For Laptop Repair Shop in Mumbai? Visit Shanti Laptop Service

How much does all the service cost? Does the laptop repair cost is high? No, we are the reasonable and the best laptop repair shop in Grant Road, Mumbai.

How much does laptop repair cost?

Laptop Issues/Problems Laptop Repair Price List
Laptop Screen Repairing Cost Rs. 3500
Laptop Body Repair/Replacement Cost Rs. 1500
Laptop Format & Software Repair Cost Rs. 500
Fan Repair/Replacement Cost Rs. 800 
Laptop Hardisk repair/replacement Cost Rs. 1200
Laptop Hardware Troubleshooting Cost Rs. 1800
Laptop Fabrication and Hinges Cost Rs. 1200
Laptop Keyboard Repair Cost/Replacement Rs. 1200
Laptop Battery Repair/Replacement Cost Rs. 1200
Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost Rs. 800
Laptop Chip Level Repair Cost Rs. 1800
Laptop Adapter Repair/Replacement Cost Rs. 1200
Laptop Service Charges / Laptop Cleaning Charges Cost Rs. 500
Laptop Charging Port Repair/ DC Jack Repair Cost Rs. 1200
Laptop Hinges Repair Cost Rs. 1200
Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost Rs. 2000

Frequently asked questions

1. Do you provide pick and drop services for laptop/computer?
– Yes, we do provide pick and drop services but depend on the demand

2. Do you provide computer repair?
– No, we don’t provide computer, desktop repair. We are Laptop Repair Specialist

3. What does the laptop service cost?
– Laptop service cost depends on the services, but mostly it is in the range from rs. 200-500

4. Do you charge for diagnosing the issue?
– No, we provide free laptop checkup

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Shanti Laptop Repair is a Professional Repair Service solving all the problems surrounding a laptop. Having 10 years of working experience we provide quality repair service with affordable charges even on an urgent basis.

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