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Introduction to Laptop Screen

There is no need to tell how valuable a laptop screen is. From professional work to watching movies. Laptop screens show the output of all your commands within or even less than microseconds. It is an important part of a laptop. That’s why people do consider the screen size while purchasing a new laptop. 

Nowadays, laptop screens are also referred to as the display. Laptops with high-quality screens use in-plane switching technology to provide a better view from every angle. In-plane switching (IPS) LCD laptop screens are considered as the best laptop screens. Talking about screen material, Vinyl-coated polyester or pet screens are the most durable ones with better picture quality. Screen protector is a great choice to protect the laptop screen. Among many types, glass screen protectors are better than plastic protectors.

1.Common Issues with Laptop Screens

Laptop screens are a critical as well as easy to damage part of a laptop. Thus, eventually, laptop screens encounter many issues. Some of them are as follows:

  • Flickering display
  • Cracked display 
  • Vertical or horizontal colorful lines 
  • Black screen 
  • White display 
  • Blue screen of death (BSOD) 
  • Pixel defects 
  • Dead pixels
  • Low resolution 
  • Poor picture quality 
  • Screen damage due to spill
  • Blurry picture display 
  • Inadequate screen brightness 
  • Multiple shut down 
  • Dust & dirt etc.

Defected display cable or any other component could be the reason for such laptop screen issues.

2.How to Diagnose a Faulty Laptop Screen

There could be many reasons behind a faulty laptop screen, like damaged display cable, etc. And for each reason, the diagnosis process may vary. The easiest way to diagnose a faulty laptop screen is: 

  • Step-1: Remove all the wired connections with faulty laptop screens.  
  • Step-2: Join the connections with a new or working laptop screen. 
  • Step-3: Give some command, like opening a file, video etc.

If the new laptop screen works normally, without any issues. That means, the problem is with your screen ribbon cable. 

If your laptop screen displays colorful lines, then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. While making sure that there is no external connection with the laptop. After turning the display on, if the lines are still visible. Then, it indicates that your laptop display is gone. 

There are multiple ways to diagnose a faulty laptop screen, depending on the reason. But, it is advised to hire a professional to do the job. Because, one can damage other laptop parts too.

3.Tips for Maintaining and Extending the Life of Your Laptop Screen

Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to extend the life of your laptop screen. Here are some tips to increase the longevity of the laptop screen: 

  • Always use microfiber cloth to gently wipe your laptop screen. 
  • Do not use any liquid sprays directly on the laptop screen. 
  • Do not put any stuff on the laptop. As it can pressurize and damage the laptop & its screen. 
  • Use your laptop only by placing it on a table like surface. The bed, sofa etc. close the ventilation outlets of the laptop. 
  • Do not touch your laptop screen while eating. As oily fingerprints can impact your laptop screen. 
  • Protect your laptop screen from spill, dirt etc. 
  • Disconnect all the attached cables and devices, while cleaning your laptop screen. 
  • Use laptop screen protector,

Make sure to use water or 70% isopropyl alcoholic solution on cloth in the slightest amount. Neither pour it extra nor use it directly on the screen.

4.When to Replace Your Laptop Screen

Laptop screens can encounter many issues. But, mostly, it can be repaired. Of course, only a professional technician should do the repair task. When your laptop screen damage is unrepairable, it’s time to replace it. Although, cracked or damaged screen or colorful vertical or horizontal lines are some cases when the screen replacement is the only possible solution.
laptop repair services

5.How to Replace a Laptop Screen

Before replacing the laptop screen, make sure that the laptop screen is problematic only. Not any other part. As mostly, there are other reasons behind the damaged screen, like faulty display cable, motherboard, etc.

After making sure, change the laptop screen by following the steps below:

  • Step-1: Get the new replacement screen. Make sure that the replacement screen is for the same model as yours.
  • Step-2: Turn-off your laptop, remove all the attached accessories. Place it on a hard surface like a table.
  • Step-3: Remove the stickers by using a pin. Then, unscrew all the screws through a small head screwdriver. Do not damage the stickers or bezel while doing so. 
  • Step-4: Now carefully remove the bezel, without damaging it. It may be problematic and take some effort.
  • Step-5: Disconnect the display cable. The connectors could be at the center or bottom, secured with adhesive or tape.
  • Step-6: Place the new screen by facing down, to fit properly.
  • Step-7: Subsequently, connect the display cable as it was with the old damaged screen.
  • Step-8: Place the bezel back in its place, and secure it with the required screws tightly. Make sure to secure it properly.
  • Step-9: Reinsert the screw covers, too.
  • Step-10: Now it’s time to turn on your laptop, after putting everything into place.

If it turns on, then your DIY is completed successfully. If not, check properly if everything is placed properly.
Consult a professional technician for the same, if it doesn’t work out.

6.What is the cost of laptop screen repair?

The cost of laptop screen repair is prominently based on the model and brand of the laptop. On including cheap laptop screens to best-quality laptop screens, the estimated cost range would be 3000-8000.

However, one can get the best laptop screen repair at Shanti Laptops. That too at just 3500 INR onwards. Along with screen repair, they offer other laptop repair services too. Including laptop battery repair, laptop keyboard replacement, laptop chip level repairing, Apple laptop repair etc.

7.Why Choose Us?

Search for ‘best laptop repair shop near me.’ And you will surely get the name of Shanti Laptops among the best laptop repair shops. All thanks to highly skilled professional technicians. They are not only qualified but also provide the quality services at affordable prices. With 10+ years experience, they can repair any laptop damage within promised time. Not only that, they also offer free consultation. Here, the prices are reasonable, too. No hidden charges, and offer the best components if required, at cheap costs.


Laptop screen is an integral part of a laptop. And also a considerable factor for purchasing a laptop. Thus, it needs care and attention.  Although, laptop screens are fragile and may get damaged, occasionally.

But, one doesn’t need to worry. Because here is the one-stop solution to treat any kind of laptop damage, including screen damage. Shanti Laptops is an all-round laptop repair shop. From damaged screen to laptop format. Every laptop repair service is available here. 10+ years experience, skilled technicians, the best service in promised time, affordable prices, after-service warranty, etc. Are the specialty of Shanti Laptops. For free consultation, call +91-9820625520 or visit Shantilaptop.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Most repair shops offer laptop screen repair at 4000-9000 INR. But, Shanti Laptops charge only 3500 INR for laptop screen repair.

Shanti Laptops is the best place for laptop screen repair.

Other than laptop screen repair, laptop battery repair, laptop keyboard replacement, laptop chip level repairing, and even Apple laptop repair are offered by Shanti Laptops.

Dirt & dust stocked on the keyboard, overheating, heated components etc. can reduce the lifespan of a laptop.

Black display, flickering screen, horizontal or vertical lines, etc. indicates laptop screen issues.