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Laptop Software Repair / Formatting

The most common issue in the laptop is laptop software, which gets corrupt every now and then. If your Laptop has stopped working or laptop software got corrupt, then you must visit the nearest laptop repair shop for software repair or you can call us on +919820625520. Laptop Software repairing/formatting of laptop hard drive is one of the most common problems found in a laptop.

How to diagnose laptop software problem/formatting problem

If you are unsure why is your laptop is not working, then you can check what is the actual issue your laptop is facing. If your laptop has software problems and it’s required formatting or any software repair then this is the symptoms of the problem which your laptop will start giving.

  1. Laptop Boot will be in the loop
  2. Laptop won’t start at startup
  3. Some sound of beep will come
  4. Some function won’t work
  5. Software won’t allow you to save-copy-paste
  6. Laptop will restart
  7. Automatic Shutdown
  8. Overheating of laptop
  9. Unsaved Data/ Data get deleted
  10. System32 errors
  11. Error list at startup
  12. and many more

If you are facing the above issue, then you must rush to the nearest laptop repair specialist or you can call us on 022-49207713 we will help you to solve your issue instantly.

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Where you can find laptop repair expert?

Shanti Laptop Service provides high-quality service with guarantee & warranty on the service. If your laptop is not functioning or not working properly or getting overheated, you can visit our local shop and within a minute you will be getting the response.

Laptop Repair Service, we provide

  • Warranty
  • Guarantee
  • Genuine Parts
  • Live Repairing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Cheap Rate

We are located in Lamington road near D.B. Marg Police station, Chunam Lane, Shop No. 1 – C – Wing. It is a 7-10min walk from Grant Road Station. You can contact us here

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How much does laptop software repair cost?

We can’t provide any price range before having a proper diagnosis. Still, you can have a price range of approx 500-1500 rs. Still, it depends on the problem on a laptop. But, we make sure everything will be done in front of the customer. So don’t keep your laptop, just repair and take it with you.

We have the best laptop software repair expert with us to solve all your laptop issues. Our experts has worked on HP Laptop, Dell Laptop, Fujitsu, Samsung Laptop, IBM Laptop, Compaq Laptop, Lenovo Laptop and many more brands in the laptop.