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Laptop Spare Parts Details

Note :-

This is just the details and description of Laptop Parts and their functions. But all laptop don’t have similar parts, though it contains all the parts, but its not identical. As it depends on Laptop Model and Brands.

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Laptop Motherboard Details

The system board is the main logic board in any laptop. All internal components are connected to the system board. This is one of the most expensive parts in a laptop. It is the heart of laptop, if your motherboard is not working.

Laptop Ram for all models

Laptop Ram Details 

More memory you have installed – better the performance of the laptop.

Learn about different types of memory, compatibility issues and how you can replace or upgrade memory yourself. The memory is a user replaceable part, without ram you are unable to see screen.

Laptop Sata hardisk, Laptop Optical hardisk

Laptop Hard Drive

The hard drive is the main storage of information in a laptop. All system files, personal files are stored inside the hard drive. Find the difference between SATA and IDE hard drives. Faster hard drive you have installed – faster data access you get. You can upgrade the hard drive yourself.

Laptop Processor in Mumbai

Laptop Processor

The processor is the brain of your laptop. Faster CPU means faster data processing. As the Motherboard is the heart of laptop, processor is the brain of laptop, all the speed and process of the services is been done by processor. Its Major is speed in GHZ more gigahertz more the speed and some example of processor are as follows :-

Intel i3, i5, i7 processor

AMD Processor

Pentium Processor etc

Laptop keyboard

Laptop Keyboard

The keyboard is the main input device. Find out how the keyboard is connected to the motherboard and how it can be removed or replaced.


Laptop Dvd/Cd drive

CD/DVD drive

The CD/DVD drive allows you to read/write data from/to a CD or DVD disc. Lear about the difference between drives with regular and SATA connectors.

Laptop CPU Fan

Laptop Cooling Fan

The cooling fan is a part of the cooling module in a laptop. The fan helps to cool down the processor when the laptop is turned on.

Laptop Graphic card

Laptop Video Card Or Graphic Card

In most modern laptops the video card is integrated into the system board. If the video card fails you have to replace the whole motherboard.

In some laptops the video card is a discrete module and can be removed or replaced separately from the motherboard.

Laptop Audio Jack

Laptop Sound Or Audio

In most laptops the audio board is a part of the motherboard. If that’s the case, all audio board input/output components such as volume control, microphone jack and headphone jack are soldered directory to the motherboard

Laptop Wifi Network adapter

Laptop Network / Wifi Adapter

The internal wireless card helps you to connect to the Internet without running a cable. Learn about different types of internal wireless cards and how they are connected to the motherboard.

Laptop CMOS Battery

The CMOS battery provides power to the CMOS chip when the laptop is turned off or disconnected form the wall outlet.

Laptop LCD inverter

Laptop LCD Inverter / LCD Cable

The inverter board is a power supply for the backlight lamp inside the LCD screen. When inverter fails, the LCD screen goes very very dark and you barely can see any image on the screen. In most laptops the inverter board is mounted inside the display panel below the LCD screen.

Laptop Hyngies

Laptop Hyngies

The dispaly hinges connect two main parts of any laptop – the display panel and base assembly.

Laptop power adapter

Laptop Adapter

The AC/DC power adapter converts high voltage AC power from the mains to low voltage DC power required by the laptop.

Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery

The battery is a secondary source of power for a laptop. The battery gets charged while the laptop is plugged into the mains and keeps the laptop running when it’s unplugged from the mains.

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