Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop Screen Repair Center in Mumbai. Broke your screen while working, or laptop has fallen from table and screen not working. No display? White Line on screen? Are videos uncleared? any issues with the laptop screen. We at Shanti laptop services provide replacement and repair solution for your laptop. We have multiple Screen in stocks which help our client to get a wide range of choice for the screen.

How Much Does Laptop Screen Repair Cost?

Laptop Screen Repair Cost is as follows:

Laptop Screen Cost
Laptop LCD 15.6 4000 INR
Laptop LED 15.6  3500 INR
Laptop LCD 15.4  3000 INR
Laptop LCD 14.1  2500 INR
Laptop LED 14.0  3500 INR
Laptop LCD 10.1  2500 INR

Above rates are subject to market, also it’s an approximate rate.

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Laptop Screen Repair Cost Depend on the screen size and laptop model number, Laptop screen has different type of screen. Eg LCD, LED, Paper LED, 10 inch, 13 inch, 15.6 inch and so on. Every laptop has different screen and the price range from 1500-6000 INR. Laptop screen has various issues like display cable not working, Graphic issues, Laptop broken screen or laptop screen flicker. All Problems have a different rate.

Looking for laptop screen repair near me?

Laptop Screen Repair CostShanti Laptop Service Provide the best range of screen with Free Fix. Get your laptop screen repaired with the free fixing of screen step by step. You only have to pay for screen or lcd or led. We have a wide range of laptop screen, we also sale laptop screen for Dell, Acer, Asus, Hp, Macbook Pro and so on. Bring your laptop to our store and get the free estimate of your laptop issue. We will provide the best solution and removal of a broken screen and replaced with working screen on a laptop.

Laptop Screen Replacement & Laptop Screen Issues

With Thousands of different types of screens and laptops on the market, you need to know you are getting the correct screen for your laptop. Our supplier is one of Europe’s largest suppliers. They have a complete data base of all laptops that have been made and keep updated on laptops been released on the market. They are at the end of the phone for us if we ever need them which is good news for you. No matter what type of laptop you have, give us a call with the model number and we should be able to get a price on the screen replacement for it.

Laptop Screen Repair in Mumbai – Laptop Screen Replacement – Laptop LCD/LED Screen Issues

We offer all types of  Laptop repairs. For a full list see our Computer Repair Page Here